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Rita is back!

Rita back at work!

Rita is back!

Update February 23, 2017

Yes, Rita is spending 2 afternoons a week at Gemini. Her Doctors prescribed/suggested this as the best way to gain stamina. We are reducing the spinal medications without negative effects and this is improving Rita's balance and clarity. Cold weather is hard on her still and we long for the warm weather of the spring. The last couple days have helped her outdoor movement. Rita is hoping to be more involved in Gemini by spring this year. Everyone's encouragement when she talks on the phone to people is amazing. Lights up her day. We look forward to seeing everyone as the year progresses. The road to recovery has been slow and rocky, she's making the return anyhow. Funny we said a year ago when she still had not walked yet. " We're going to get better cause we don't know any better". Still applies.

John, Rita and the kids